My Porsche Book 356 by René Staud

The big René Staud story and the car love of his life:
The Porsche 356:
The first series model from Porsche and, as a classic car, a real investment. From July 1948 to April 1965, 75,000 cars were built. Prices for well-preserved specimens run into the hundreds of thousands. This is probably also the reason why most people barely move. René Staud portrays this Porsche classic in all its variations and with all the means of his brilliant photographic know-how. As a passionate collector, he stages this automobile icon in extraordinary surroundings with unusual backgrounds and designs. But this illustrated book is not just about the history of the Porsche 356 and its impressive, innovative staging: it is also about the passion of the drivers. And of course about the story of the photographer: René Staud.
246 pages | Format 30 x 30 cm